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Nintendo Dsi Is A Winner At E3 Expo And With This Video Game Novice


The third and final installment of a look at the best games in Q1 2009. Covered so far, Xbox 360 and PS3 then Wii and DS and to wrap it up lets look at PSP, PS2 and a few PC titles. While the PS2 is far from dead it is getting last rites while the PSP works to prove its relevance. There is hope for the PSP with some solid titles hitting shelves in addition to all the cross platform, scaled down titles out there, sports titles, etc. PC, this space has never been about PC titles but there area always a few worth a mention. Let’s get started in order to finish.

This famous intellectual game’s business mark has been revamped quite a few times. A design that started off with simple and thick fonts over a bright, red colored background has been recreated into wavy lines and curvy fonts that seem to give it a sense of movement. The color of the background has been deepened which makes it as perfect for PC games logo as it is for a board game.

Power creep could be seen as a natural part of a game’s life. The first book or set of a game is released and it is good. The company releases more books. But as more abilities/ races/ gear are released A) the new content has to be justified, aka equal or better than the current stuff B) more combinations of bonuses are possible. Equipment books and “splatbooks” (books focused on one group, such as classes or races) are dang near the natural habitat of power creep.

Along with cosplay contests and vendors, events will include Anime dating game, Anime Jeopardy, tabletop games, retro Video games, gaming tournaments, dancing, and more.

Tabletop gaming is a fixture in the geek universe. Perhaps you already have a regularly scheduled Dungeons & Dragons game, or play one of the less popular Tabletop games such as Call of Cthulhu or GURPS. Tabletop gaming isn’t restricted to dice games, however. Try HeroClix, Warhammer 40k, or other miniatures. Board games like Risk could make for an evening of fun, or card games such as Magic: The Gathering.

Finally we come to hardware and peripherals, where the shop really shines. Like Play N Trade, sifting through their collection yields some of the most odd and surprising finds you’re likely to come across. While I was there I saw stuff like a Yobo NES Light Gun, colored(and clear) Dreamcast controllers, AV cables and deluxe memory cards for various systems, a steering wheel for the N64, a paddle-like controller for the SNES and all sorts of other weird stuff(most new in box too). They also had a Genesis 2 unit, with a 32X add on for $40, some NES and Super Nintendo decks and even a few of those GN Twins that play both Sega Genesis and NES titles.

These are especially appealing to gamers as they can relate to a lot of the jokes and style of humor that is used. However, being a heavy gamer is not required to enjoy the videos. I’m a casual gamer at best and I still enjoy watching them from time to time. They do tend to be rather lengthy, but they can still be quite entertaining.

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